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Michelle Ziel-Dingman

Candidate for Precinct 16 Committeeman 

A common sense conservative who will represent our community's value in building strong families, neighbors, & friends.

About Michelle 

Michelle has lived in Idaho most of her life and is proud to have pursued her post-secondary degree, started a business, and raised a family in our beautiful state. Michelle has served for nearly a decade as a public servant and over a decade combined as a community volunteer and nonprofit executive. She is not the imposter conservative that many candidates are being accused of during this aggressive campaign season; Michelle has been a registered Republican for several years, long before the closed primary rhetoric, and publicly supported Republican candidates all of her adult life. 


Nonprofit Executive 



She has led several nonprofits as both the Director and Fundraiser in our community and understands the challenges facing local families. Michelle has delved into numerous issues including food insecurity and animal rescue to help find local solutions. 

Precinct Committee Officers make important votes on financial issues related to BRCC. Michelle has experience overseeing millions of dollars in funds and will carefully consider and respect the dollars collected to support the goals of the Republican voters in our county. 

Michelle has served on numerous boards within our community, been an active keynote speaker, started a small business, and continually answered the call for community service as its arose. She is a proven advocate who cares about our community, its prosperity, and pursuit of strengthening families and individuals. 

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